i4Policy @Transform Africa Summit

i4Policy has been invited to participate in the Transform Africa Summit that will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, from May 10th-12th. TAS is an African forum bringing together global and regional leaders from government, business and international organizations to collaborate on new ways of shaping, accelerating and sustaining Africa’s on-going digital revolution.

“We…welcome your input, and will encourage our members to engage in the policy recommendations and engage with innovation community leaders to take them forward”

– Dr Touré, Executive Director of the Smart Africa Secretariat

The Summit is organized by the Smart Africa Secretariat and aims at enabling Member States to become more competitive, agile, open and innovative smart economies with the most favourable business climates that attracts large-scale investments, reward entrepreneurship and enable fast growth and exports, leveraging ICT innovations to transform African nations into smart societies.

i4Policy is bringing in innovators and hubs like Nanjira Sambuli from the Web Foundation, James Odede from Lakehub, George Appiah from Kumasi Hive, Sheilah Birgen from iHub Nairobi and m:lab East Africa, Sénamé Koffi from Woe Lab and Blogger Ruth Aine. The activities will include strategy sessions before the event, participation and active involvement during the Summit as well as a public event at The Office where we will introduce our communique to the broader public, have a Q&A with the audience and talk about our experiences.

We encourage you to take time to check out and sign our communique if you haven’t done so yet to add your voice when we present them to heads of states in the upcoming days. We are excited to take our project to the next level.


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