Tunisian StartupAct is a Template

The Tunisian Government, on April 2nd, 2018 passed the Startup Act, the most progressive legal framework in Africa to support entrepreneurship. The law was passed by l’Assemblée des Reprèsentants du Peuple by 110 votes in favor, 0 against, and with 4 abstentions.

More impressive than the law itself, is the consultative process that the Government underwent with its entrepreneurs and ecosystem leaders to develop the legislation!

As Rym Jarou from Smart Tunisia suggests:

“The essence of policy is to involve all the relevant people that should be involved. This guarantees two things: implementation and buy-in.

…Believe in the youth…They can give you solutions…”


Watch leaders from Smart Tunisia, Rym Jarou, and the Tunisian Startup Ecosystem, Walid Hached from Cogite Coworking Space, explain the Startup Act and share advice for policymakers and innovation communities to improve the regulatory environments for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Tunisian Startup Act has been unofficially translated into English by our team.

i4Policy encourages governments to contextualize this StartupAct, build upon it, and pass new laws to strengthen the ecosystem for entrepreneurship.


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