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CNBC Africa

Young Innovators Pushing ICT agenda

The next decade 2016-2025 promises to be the decade of Africa’s development through ICT. Rwanda, given its strides in that field, hopes to be right in the thick of things when the revolution occurs. CNBC Africa caught up with young innovators and leaders at the Global Innovation Gathering, to get a sense of how favourable the ICT landscape currently is, and expectations on a pan-African level.

The New Times

Young Innovators urged to use their skills to transform society

Young innovators and entrepreneurs have been tasked to use their skills to address problems facing their communities, but above all, ensure that creative and digital innovation continues to thrive. The call was made Tuesday in Kigali by Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, the Minister for Youth and ICT, during an event organised by the ministry together with the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG).

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