Dear beloved Community,


Happy New Year from the i4Policy Family! 

We hope you all had a wonderful season with your loved ones.  We want to take time to thank you for our collective achievements and send you warm wishes at the start of this year!

We would like to celebrate how special last year has been and how we have grown as individuals and also as a community. This challenging year was a year of learning and action to bring us more together.

2021 has been an incredibly impactful year, where we have driven forward our collective ambition to build a co-created future.

Training Youth

We have expanded our advocacy and policy co-creation training to reach more than 800 youth leaders across Africa, thanks to partnership with Meta and the African Youth Academy. We’ve supported youth and community leaders to interact, exchange and empower each other to support their communities to engage with policy makers on the implementation of the AU’s Agenda 2063.

Reimagining Global Governance

Together with an incredible consortium of partners, we incubated the Global Assembly. A new global infrastructure for decision-making that aims to give everyone a seat at the global governance table.

The first global citizens’ assembly, brought together 100 people from 49 countries, speaking 39 languages, invited through a global lottery, to learn about and co-create solutions to the climate and ecological crisis. Assembly Members wrote the People’s Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth

We invite you to learn more about this new approach to human-wide decision-making, by reading about the Core Assembly process here. Moreover, we invite you to join more than 400 community organizations worldwide who have registered to organize their own local Community Assemblies, and to add your voice to the global discussion on the climate and ecological crisis. 

All you need is a few people, and some time to have a conversation about the climate and ecological crisis, guided by our Toolkit, to ensure your community’s important voice can join peers around the World.

Run your Community Assembly! You can register and check the Community Assembly Toolkit!

Supporting co-creation and meaningful citizen engagement!

We want to thank you all for our common efforts, together with our governments, for innovation policies and new regulatory frameworks in nearly 19 countries to allow our entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. We thank all the Community in Rwanda, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Mauritania and so many more and we look forward to more successes together! 

Last year reminded us of the importance of persistence and patience. More than three years of policy co-creation and collective advocacy efforts from startups, community organizations and the executive branch in Côte d’Ivoire, culminated at the end of last year in the Presidency hosting their draft national startup law for public comment on our online consultation platform. 

This last year also reminded us how powerful we can be when we work together, and nurture large and inclusive coalitions!  The Nigerian Presidency and the ecosystem came together following the EndSARS protests, with media and international partners, such as the UK’s FCDO, to explore solutions to youth employment and to support tech-enabled innovation. This resulted in the co-drafting of the Nigeria Startup Bill, which President Buhari signed and submitted to the National Assembly in early 2022, after less than a year of collective efforts.

We have also expanded our policy research and advisory work. Together with UNESCO we have been developing guidance for policy makers and civil society for inclusive and participatory Artificial Intelligence policies. The work we have been doing in 2021 will culminate in a report and workshops in 2022. 

What to look out for in 2022! 

Consult, consolidate and finalize the Youth Policy Paper to voice and advocate Youth ideas and recommendations regarding priorities and goals of the AU 2063 Agenda!

Continental Civic Engagement

We’ve started a new initiative with AUDA-NEPAD and GIZ Datacipation to build a continental digital engagement platform to support citizen engagement at the African Union. We’ll be expanding our open source digital co-creation tools, with a view to meaningfully bringing citizens’ voices into AU policy making and the second 10 year implementation planning for Agenda 2063, in particular. 

The Pan-African Digital Assembly ( #pADA) 

This year we will host the second edition of The Pan-African Digital Assembly. The assembly will be preceded by a Pan-African Youth Assembly. We can’t wait to co-create a beautiful Assembly together again!

Tools for Innovation Policy Reform (the “what” of startup policy reform)

Building on the benchmarking study we conducted on Startup Acts with AFD, and the toolkit we developed with GIZ Make-IT in Africa, we will be building an open sourced Massive Open Online Course on innovation and entrepreneurship policy, thanks to continued support from Make-IT in Africa and the German Government.

Tools for Public Policy Co-Creation (the “how” of policy reform)

Following recommendations of the Africa-Europe Digital Innovation Task Force, we have joined an incredible coalition of African and European partners to build the Africa-Europe Digital Innovation Bridge, which envisages two-directional support and learning for the growth of the digital economy. WIth support from the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 grants, we will be developing a Handbook of Policy Co-Creation for African and European policymakers.

The Global Assembly will build a global institution

We will continue working with our partners around the world in 2022 to build the Global Assembly into a new organizational structure capable of governing a new global infrastructure for human decision-making. We are so proud of co-incubating this beautiful initiative, and look forward to engaging you all in its further growth and consolidation!

Consolidating the i4Policy Movement

And finally, this year we want to work with you, to finalize and ratify our Constitution, to clarify  an open and inclusive governance towards our movement. The constitution has been drafted together with the African Innovation Policy Task Force, and we look forward to engaging you on this together in the coming months! 

We wish you a beautiful year full of co-creation and beautiful moments.

We can't wait to share, dream and co-create with you

With all our love